Monday, May 25, 2009

More tips to start preparation for MBA Entrance Tests

The first and foremost thing to do is set up a schedule for yourself. CAT preparation involves a lot of discipline because it’s all about concentration and reflex. You will have to be mentally prepared to sacrifice your weekend fun and long sleeping hours to practice the mock tests. These mock tests are very important and should be taken very seriously because they help you gauge your caliber very accurately. You get a clear picture of where you stand, what are your strengths and weaknesses and which areas you need to concentrate more on. At the end of every mock test all candidates are given a thorough solution list. Answering more and more mock tests is not the right approach. What is important is to analyze the solutions and use them when you spot a problem of similar nature sometime later on. The next crucial factor is time management. There is hardly enough time to read the question and think about its solution in CAT. You need to be very quick and sharp to crack the code.

You cannot afford to be slow from the very beginning. The momentum has to be build right from the very question itself. Another useful strategy is to know your strengths clearly. There are different sections in CAT. You might be good in some and might need extra time for others. Try to tackle the sections you are good at in the beginning. This will not only boost your confidence but will help you manage your remaining time more judiciously.

Always remember, every person is not a born genius and CAT is not only for those who are blessed with extraordinary intellect. With strict perseverance and discipline, you can also make your dreams come true.

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