Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Important Words List (Very Important in Verbal Sections of CAT, GMAT, GRE, XAT, SNAP, IIFT etc)

Words Starting from "A"

amphitheater (BRITISH = amphitheatre) = oval-shaped theater
anathema = curse, ban
annul = cancel, nullify
anodyne = pain soothing
anoint = consecrate, to apply oil, especially as a sacred rite
anonymity = state of being anonymous, having no name
antediluvian = ancient, obsolete, pre historic
antithesis = direct opposite
apathetic = unconcerned, indifferent
aphasia = inability to speak or use words
aphorism = maxim, old saying
aplomb = poise, confidence
apocryphal = a doubtful authenticity, not genuine, fictional
apostate = one who abandons one's faith
apotheosis = Deification, glorification
approbation = praise, official approval
archaic = Antiquated, from an earlier time
archipelago = group of islands
ardor (BRITISH = ardour) = great emotion or passion
arraign = indict, to call to court to answer a charge
arrogate = seize without right, to demand or claim arrogantly
ascendancy = powerful state
ascribe = to attribute
ashen = resembling ashes, or deathly pale
asinine = stupid
askance = to view with suspicion, scornfully
askew = crooked, tilted
aspersion = slander, false rumor, damaging report
assail = attack
assent = to express agreement
assiduous = hard-working, diligent, persistent
assuage = lessen (pain), to make less severe, ease
astringent = causing contraction, severe, harsh
asunder = apart, into different parts
atone = make amends for a wrong
august = noble, dignified, awe-inspiring, venerable
avow = declare
awry = crooked, askew, amiss
axiom = self-evident truth, premise, postulate

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