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Mock CAT Tests for more practise for Online CAT

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                      As you all know that CAT is online this year and we all know pros and cons of Online CAT. Obviously we all are trying to adapt new methods so as to achieve our goal at all. But there is one thing which is same as paper pencil CAT i.e. PRACTICE. It hasn't changed. We have to do more and more practice.

If the practice is online then nothing is better than that. We also know that there are a number of websites which are providing free mock tests but the quality of those questions is nowhere near original CAT. So I have collected some mock tests which are much better in qualities. I don't want to be indulged in copyright things so if anyone don't think its right, he should not download these tests because these tests are for help of CAT aspirants. Following is the link to download those mock tests.


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Important Words List (Very Important in Verbal Sections of CAT, GMAT, GRE, XAT, SNAP, IIFT etc)

Words Starting from "A"

amphitheater (BRITISH = amphitheatre) = oval-shaped theater
anathema = curse, ban
annul = cancel, nullify
anodyne = pain soothing
anoint = consecrate, to apply oil, especially as a sacred rite
anonymity = state of being anonymous, having no name
antediluvian = ancient, obsolete, pre historic
antithesis = direct opposite
apathetic = unconcerned, indifferent
aphasia = inability to speak or use words
aphorism = maxim, old saying
aplomb = poise, confidence
apocryphal = a doubtful authenticity, not genuine, fictional
apostate = one who abandons one's faith
apotheosis = Deification, glorification
approbation = praise, official approval
archaic = Antiquated, from an earlier time
archipelago = group of islands
ardor (BRITISH = ardour) = great emotion or passion
arraign = indict, to call to court to answer a charge
arrogate = seize without right, to demand or claim arrogantly
ascendancy = powerful state
ascribe = to attribute
ashen = resembling ashes, or deathly pale
asinine = stupid
askance = to view with suspicion, scornfully
askew = crooked, tilted
aspersion = slander, false rumor, damaging report
assail = attack
assent = to express agreement
assiduous = hard-working, diligent, persistent
assuage = lessen (pain), to make less severe, ease
astringent = causing contraction, severe, harsh
asunder = apart, into different parts
atone = make amends for a wrong
august = noble, dignified, awe-inspiring, venerable
avow = declare
awry = crooked, askew, amiss
axiom = self-evident truth, premise, postulate


The Indo-U.S. civilian nuclear agreement is the name commonly attributed to a bilateral agreement on nuclear cooperation between the United States of America and India. The framework for this agreement was a joint statement by the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and his U.S counterpart Mr. George. W. Bush, under which India agreed to separate its civil and military nuclear facilities and place civil facilities under international atomic energy agency (IAEA) safeguards and in exchange, the United States agreed to work towards full civil nuclear cooperation with India.
On August 1, 2008, the IAEA approved the safeguards agreement with India, after which the United States approached the nuclear suppliers group (NSG) to grant a waiver to India to commence civilian nuclear trade. The 45-nation NSG granted the waiver to India on September 6, 2008, allowing it to access civilian nuclear technology and fuel from other countries. The implementation of this waiver makes India the only known country with nuclear weapons which is not a party to the non proliferation treaty (NPT) but is still allowed to carry out nuclear commerce with the rest of the world.

Arguments against the topic
· Despite the best of the technical efforts the per unit energy produced by nuclear resources continues to be the costliest at close to Rs. 3.35 per unit energy compared to its other counter parts such as coal and hydro forms which cost us close to Rs.1.25 and Rs.2.5 per unit energy respectively. So, as of now, the nuclear deal is not something to go “high” about.
· The nuclear deal does not pave off instant development because even if the deal is okayed it will take nearly 8 years to get implemented and that’s an official verdict. Looking at the Indian scenario it might very well take a decade.
· The nuclear deal has been signed under the 123 agreement which clearly states as per the official norms that any “party” (word used with reference to the country) signing the deal cannot use the nuclear resources for defence purposes either directly or indirectly, which means that India cannot do any more nuclear tests.
· Even if the ‘by product’ of the deal (official word used for nuclear resources by the United States in the 123 agreement) gets available to us cheaply the biggest hurdle would be to get rid of the radioactive waste which would be left after the utilization of nuclear resources, unfortunately few have got the infrastructure to get rid of it.
· Looking at the current security status of our country “the biggest challenge would be to make sure the nuclear resources do not get into the wrong hands” which might not only prove to be the biggest security threat for our country but for the whole world as well.

Arguments in favor of the topic
· Looking at the way the population is increasing along with the effort of the Indian government to push the “LPG” reforms post 1991, the concerns of energy security cannot be neglected. The best way to secure the massive needs of infrastructure development is to shift to the next level of energy sufficiency, and nuclear energy is surely the way ahead.
· The ever expanding energy demand is expected to increase by 7 folds in the coming 15 years if we want to achieve the target set by the planning commission in the form of “vision 2025” it is a must to get rid of the dependence on non-renewable source of energy such as coal, and the “deal” surely will help us reach that higher level of self dependence.
· India has always advocated the fact that it firmly stands by its commitment of “nonproliferation” of nuclear arms and armaments, so the “deal” will send a positive signal to the international community which will further help us to increase international cooperation along the lines to international trade and hence developing the economy.
· The biggest competitor that India has faced in the race of development comes in the form of the neighbouring country, China, nuclear energy will surely help us compete neck-toneck with China, and the stiff rivalries will indirectly benefit the consumers counting on the development of our economy as a whole.
· The deal will play a crucial role in the growth of employment in the infrastructure and the manufacturing sector, as massive infrastructure will be required for setting up nuclear power plants. With various other technical requirements, surely the Indian manufacturing, engineering and the real estate companies will be in for moolah.

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Answers of Reasoning test for practice

1. D 2. A 3. E 4. B 5. C
6. B 7. D 8. D 9. E 10. C
11. B 12. A 13. E 14. E 15. A
16. A 17. B 18. C 19. C 20. B

Reasoning test for practice

1.   Below is an excerpt from a letter that was sent by the chairman of a corporation to the stockholders.
A number of charges have been raised against me, some serious, some trivial. Individuals seeking to control the corporation for their own purposes have demanded my resignation. Remember that no court of law in any state has found me guilty of any criminal offense whatsoever. In the American tradition, as you know, an individual is considered innocent until proven guilty. Furthermore, as the corporation’s unbroken six-year record of growth will show, my conduct of my official duties as chairman has only helped enhance the success of the corporation, and so benefited every stockholder.
Which of the following can be properly inferred from the excerpt?
(A) The chairman believes that all those who have demanded his resignation are motivated by desire to control the corporation for their own purposes.
(B) Any misdeeds that the chairman may have committed were motivated by his desire to enhance the success of the corporation.
(C) The chairman is innocent of any criminal offense.
(D) The corporation has expanded steadily over the past six years.D
(E) Any legal proceedings against the chairman have resulted in his acquittal.
2.   In the years since the city of London imposed strict air-pollution regulations on local industry, the number of bird species seen in and around London has increased dramatically. Similar air-pollution rules should be imposed in other major cities.
Each of the following is an assumption made in the argument above EXCEPT:
(A) In most major cities, air-pollution problems are caused almost entirely by local industry.
(B) Air-pollution regulations on industry have a significant impact on the quality of the air.
(C) The air-pollution problems of other major cities are basically similar to those once suffered by London.
(D) An increase in the number of bird species in and around a city is desirable.A
(E) The increased sightings of bird species in and around London reflect an actual increase in the number of species in the area.
3.   Which of the following best completes the passage below?
In opposing government regulation of business, conservatives often appeal to the Jeffersonian ideal of limited government, expressing the wish that government would “get off the backs of the American people.” Yet, paradoxically, many of these same conservatives address questions of private morality, such as those dealing with sexual behavior, by calling for______
(A) a return to the restrictive sexual morality of the Victorian era
(B) a strengthening of the role of the family in setting moral norms for society
(C) a limitation on the amount of sexually provocative material appearing in books, motives, and television shows
(D) greater freedom for individuals to choose their own way of handling sexual issuesE
(E) an increased governmental role in the regulation and control of private sexual behavior
Questions 4-5 are based on the following:
In an experiment, two different types of recorded music were played for neonates in adjacent nurseries in a hospital. In nursery A, classical music was played; in nursery B, rock music was played. After two weeks, it was found that the babies in nursery A cried less, suffered fewer minor ailments, and gained more weight than did the babies in nursery B.
4.   In evaluating the validity of the conclusion suggested by the experiment above, it would be most important to know which of the following?
(A) The musical preferences of the parents of the two groups of newborns
(B) Whether the newborns in both nurseries were equally healthy and happy at the start of the experiment
(C) Whether loud rock music can damage the hearing of newborns
(D) What the average weight of the neonates was before and after the experimentB
(E) Whether the music was played in the nurseries at all times or only at certain times
5.   Which of the following additional experimental data would support the hypothesis that classical music is beneficial to the development of newborn?
(A) The neonates in a nursery where no music was played fared better than those in nursery B.
(B) Nursery A contained 15 percent more premature babies than nursery B.
(C) The newborns in nursery A cried less, suffered fewer minor ailments, and gained more weight than did newborns in a nursery with no music.
(D) The music played in nursery A was louder than that played in nursery B.C
(E) The ratio of nurses to newborns in nursery B was 1 to 4; in nursery A, it was 1 to 6.
6.   The ancient city of Cephesa was not buried by an eruption of Mt. Amnos in A.D. 310, as some believe. The eruption in the year 310 damaged the city, but it did not destroy it. Cephesa survived for another century before it finally met its destruction in another eruption around A.D. 415.
Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the author’s claim that the city of Cephesa was not buried by the eruption of Mt. Amnos in A.D. 310?
(A) The city of Cephesa is mentioned in a historical work known to have been written in A.D. 400.
(B) Coins bearing the image of an emperor who lived around A.D. 410 have been discovered in the ruins of Cephesa, which were preserved by the cinders and ashes that buried the city.
(C) Geological evidence shows that the eruption of Mt. Amnos in A.D. 415 deposited a 10-foot-thick layer of lava on the city of Cephesa.
(D) Artworks from the city of Cephesa have been found in the ruins of another city known to have been destroyed in A.D. 420.B
(E) A historical work written in A.D. 430 refers to the eruption of Mt. Amnos in A.D. 415.
7.   June is taller than Kristin.
Letty is taller than Maria.
Maria is shorter than Nancy.
Kristin and Nancy are exactly the same height.
If the information above is true, which of the following must also be true?
(A) Letty is taller than Nancy.
(B) Letty is taller than June.
(C) Kristin is shorter than Letty.
(D) June is taller than Maria.D
(E) Kristin is shorter than Maria.
8.   Current farm policy is institutionalized penalization of consumers. It increases food prices for middle- and low-income families and costs the taxpayer billions of dollars a year.
Which of the following statements, if true, would provide support for the author’s claims above?
I.    Farm subsidies amount to roughly $20 billion a year in federal payouts and $12 billion more in higher food prices.
II.   According to a study by the Department of Agriculture, each $1 of benefits provided to farmers for ethanol production costs consumers and taxpayers $4.
III. The average full-time farmers have an average net worth of over $300,000.
(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) III only
(D) I and II onlyD
(E) I, II, and III
9.   Reva: Using extraneous incentives to get teenagers to change their attitude toward school and schoolwork won’t work. Take the program in West Virginia, for instance, where they tried to reduce their dropout rate by revoking the driving licenses of kids who left school. The program failed miserably.
Anne: It’s true that the West Virginia program failed, but many schools have devised incentive programs that have been very successful in improving attendance and reducing discipline problems.
According to Anne, the weak point in Reva’s claim is that it
(A) fails to consider the possibility that the majority of potential dropouts in West Virginia do not have driving licenses
(B) doesn’t provide any exact figures for the dropout rate in West Virginia before and during the program
(C) ignores a substantial body of evidence showing that parents and employers have been using extrinsic incentives with positive results for years
(D) assumes that a positive incentive—a prize or a reward—will be no more effective than a negative incentive, like the revoking of a driving licenseE
(E) is based on a single example, the incentive program in West Virginia, which may not be typical
10. In many surveys, American consumers have expressed a willingness to spend up to 10 percent more for products that are ecologically sound. Encouraged by such surveys, Bleach-O Corporation promoted a new laundry detergent, Bleach-O Green, as safer for the environment. Bleach-O Green cost 5 percent more than typical detergents. After one year, Bleach-O Green had failed to capture a significant share of the detergent market and was withdrawn from sale.
Which of the following questions is LEAST likely to be relevant in determining the reasons for the failure of Bleach-O Green?
(A) How effective as a detergent was Bleach-O Green?
(B) How many other detergents on the market were promoted as safe for the environment?
(C) How much more did Bleach-O Green cost to manufacture than ordinary detergents?
(D) To what extent did consumers accept the validity of Bleach-O Green advertised and promoted to consumers?C
(E) How effectively was Bleach-O Green advertised and promoted to consumers?
11. The burden of maintaining the U.S. highway system falls disproportionately on the trucking industry. Trucks represent only about 10 percent of the vehicles on U.S. roads. Yet road use taxes assessed on trucks amount to almost half the taxes paid for highway upkeep and repair.
Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the argument above?
(A) The trucking industry has enjoyed record after-tax profits in three of the past four years.
(B) Because of their weight, trucks cause over 50 percent of the damage sustained by highway surfaces each year.
(C) Without an economically viable trucking industry, the cost of goods in the United States would rise significantly.
(D) Road use taxes paid by trucking companies have decreased by 3 percent over the past five years.B
(E) Due to years of neglect, U.S. highways today are badly in need of major repairs and rebuilding.
12. The upcoming presidential election in the West African republic of Ganelon is of grave concern to the U.S. State Department. Ganelon presently has strong political and military ties to the United States. However, the Socialist party is widely expected to win the election, leading to fears that Ganelon will soon break away from the pro-American bloc and adopt a nonaligned or openly anti-American stance.
Which of the following is an assumption made in the passage above?
(A) A Socialist party government in Ganelon is more likely to oppose the United States than is a non-Socialist party government.
(B) The people of the United States recognize their nation’s interest in the political stability of West Africa.
(C) A weakening of U.S. political ties with Ganelon could have serious consequences for U.S. relations with other African nations.
(D) The Socialist party leaders in Ganelon believe that their nation’s interests would best be served by an alliance with anti-American forces.A
(E) The Socialist party will win the upcoming election in Ganelon.
13. No nation can long survive unless its people are united by a common tongue. For proof, we need only consider Canada, which is being torn asunder by conflicts between French-speaking Quebec and the other provinces, which are dominated by English speakers.
Which of the following, if true, most effectively challenges the author’s conclusion?
(A) Conflicts over language have led to violent clashes between the Basque-speaking minority in Spain and the Spanish-speaking majority.
(B) Proposals to declare English the official language of the United States have met with resistance from members of Hispanic and other minority groups.
(C) Economic and political differences, along with linguistic ones, have contributed to the provincial conflicts in Canada.
(D) The public of India, in existence sine 1948, has a population that speaks hundreds of different, though related, languages.E
(E) Switzerland has survived for nearly a thousand years as a home for speakers of three different languages.
14. As an experienced labor organizer and the former head of one of the nation’s most powerful labor unions, Grayson is an excellent choice to chair the new council on business-labor relations.
Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the conclusion above?
(A) The new council must have the support of the nation’s labor leaders if it is to succeed.
(B) During his years as a labor leader, Grayson established a record of good relations with business leaders.
(C) The chair of the new council must be a person who can communicate directly with the leaders of the nation’s largest labor unions.
(D) Most of the other members of the new council will be representatives of business management interests.E
(E) An understanding of the needs and problems of labor is the only qualification necessary for the job of chairing the new council.
15. In the effort to fire a Civil Service employee, his or her manager may have to spend up to $100,000 of tax money. Since Civil Service employees know how hard it is to fire them, they tend to loaf. This explains in large part why the government is so inefficient.
It can be properly inferred on the basis of the statements above that the author believes which of the following?
I.    Too much job security can have a negative influence on workers.
II.   More government workers should be fired.
III. Most government workers are Civil Service employees.
(A) I only
(B) I and III only
(C) II only
(D) I, II, and IIIA
(E) III only
16. Some commentators complain that a “litigation explosion” in the past decade has led to unreasonably high costs for U.S. businesses by encouraging more product liability suits against manufacturers. However, these complaints are based mainly on myth. Statistics show that the number of successful product liability suits has remained almost the same, and the average sum awarded in damages has grown no faster than the inflation rate.
Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the argument above?
(A) The number of unsuccessful suits has skyrocketed, imposing huge new legal expenses on businesses.
(B) Several of the largest awards ever made in product liability cases occurred within the last two years.
(C) The rise of the consumer movement has encouraged citizens to seek legal redress for product flaws.
(D) Lawyers often undertake product liability cases on a contingency basis, so their payment is based on the size of the damages awarded.A
(E) Juries often award damages in product liability suits out of emotional sympathy for an injured consumer.
17. Ronald: According to my analysis of the national economy, housing prices should not increase during the next six months unless interest rates drop significantly.
Mark: I disagree. One year ago, when interest rates last fell significantly, housing prices did not increase at all.
It can be inferred from the conversation above that Mark has interpreted Ronald’s statement to mean that
(A) housing prices will rise only if interest rates fall
(B) if interest rates fall, housing prices must rise
(C) interest rates and housing prices tend to rise and fall together
(D) interest rates are the only significant economic factor affecting housing pricesB
(E) interest rates are likely to fall significantly in the next six months
18. It’s time we stopped searching for new statistics to suggest that we are not spending enough on education. In fact, education spending increased 30 percent overall during the last decade.
Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the argument above?
(A) Despite increased spending on education, enrollment in our elementary and secondary schools declined about 4 percent during the last ten years.
(B) Our spending on gasoline increased more than 100 percent during the last decade.
(C) When adjusted for inflation, our per-pupil expenditure on education this year is less than it was ten years ago.
(D) Eleven other economically developed nations spend more on education than we do.C
(E) The achievement levels of our students have been declining steadily since 1960, and the last decade produced no reversal in this trend.
19. The U.S. census is not perfect: thousands of Americans probably go uncounted. However, the basic statistical portrait of the nation painted by the census is accurate. Certainly some of the poor go uncounted, particularly the homeless; but some of the rich go uncounted as well, because they are often abroad or traveling between one residence and another.
Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument above depends?
(A) Both the rich and the poor have personal and economic reasons to avoid being counted by the census.
(B) All Americans may reasonably be classified as either poor or rich.
(C) The percentage of poor Americans uncounted by the census is close to the percentage of rich Americans uncounted.
(D) The number of homeless Americans is approximately equal to the number of rich Americans.C
(E) The primary purpose of the census is to analyze the economic status of the American population.
20. Which of the following best completes the passage below?
In today’s pluralistic society, textbook publishers find themselves in an increasingly uncomfortable position. Since the schools are regarded as a repository of society’s moral and cultural values, each group within society wishes to prevent any material that offends its own values from appearing in textbooks. As a result, stance on an issue is certain to run afoul of one group or another. And since textbook publishers must rely on community goodwill to sell their books, it is inevitable that______
(A) fewer and fewer publishers will be willing to enter the financially uncertain textbook industry
(B) the ethical and moral content of textbooks will become increasingly neutral and bland
(C) more and more pressure groups will arise that seek to influence the content of textbooks
(D) the government will be forced to intervene in the increasingly rancorous debate over the content of textbooksB
(E) school boards, teachers, and principals will find it nearly impossible to choose among the variety of textbooks being offered