Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Mock CAT

Dear Friends,
I had promised to give you a Mock CAT to solve, Because only Mock CAT can give you the best analysis of your preparation. So here I announce the First Mock CAT. The link is given below. Download the test and solve it in your home. The answers of this Mock are given in the end of the test with very good and easily understandable explanation. So, go and get it solved.
Do comment if you like it or not.

*Note:- 1. Solve the whole test in one sitting. Only then you can get the full experience.
2. After the test match you answers with the solutions given at the end of the test. Also find out the method you used and method used by the test owner.
3. Remember If you take 2 hours to take the test then spend 4 hours to analyze you mistakes.

Thank You.
Next Mock CAT will be uploaded next week.
Until then enjoy Quant Injections, RC Passages and DI exercises.

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srividyamullapudi said...

i am unable to download .rapid share..can u plzzzzzzz send the material to my mail..plz id is