Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daily Reasoning Questions 2

Vampire bats have been attacking a different person in the village of Batsrus on different days of the week and they all managed to succeed in sucking a little blood from their victim. The victim fought off the attacking bat by using any weapon to hand.
Can you determine the amount of blood sucked from which person, on what day and what they defended themselves with?
1) Miss Fitch had 4ml of blood sucked from her neck before managing to fight the bat off, but not with her Handbag or Fist and this wasn't on a Saturday.
2) The bat that was fought off with a Walking Stick managed to suck 1.5ml more than the bat that attacked 2 days before the victim that used a Slipper to defend themselves, which was not Mr. Sachs.
3) Mr. Sachs had more blood sucked from him than the Saturday victim.
4) A bat was hit with a Fist 2 days after a bat was hit with a Handbag.
5) The victim that had 7ml of blood sucked was attacked the day before the victim having the least amount of blood sucked, which was not on a Wednesday.
6) Monday's bat attack was on Mrs Melbury who didn't fight the bat off with a Slipper.
7) Ms Trews did not use an Umbrella as her weapon.

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