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What to do 10 days before CAT?

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10 Days to CAT

Make a plan. Make a pledge. Stick to it. While making a plan keep in mind the following guidelines that you will not touch any fresh area. For all three aptitudes to be tested (Verbal, Quant and LRDI) divide the major topics in these respective areas into seven clusters, one cluster to be done each day. While making the clusters keep in mind that you put only those topics wherein you are very comfortable or comfortable. Skip areas of discomfort. Also avoid completely new topics like plague. For LRDI, as there are no topics per se, divide the forty odd questions of your test series into seven clusters with five to six questions in each cluster. Also, lay your hands upon a book which is moderately challenging for you with about five hundred pages. And, read no more than fifty pages.
9 Days to CAT
Wake up fresh after at least six hours of sleep. Go to sleep no later that 12 pm. No late night movies please. Start with the first lap of your 50 pages target for the day. Reading will warm your senses and boost your appetite for the rest of the problem solving to come. You may finish your target of fifty pages in one go, however, after each tranche of reading you need to introspect and ask yourself three questions: a) What was the author saying? b) Why was he saying what he was saying? c) How was he expressing the same?
For your quantitative aptitude pick up the first cluster from your planner and revise the associated basic formulas, basic concepts and standard problems. After this activity, pick up any Mock CAT Test Series you may have joined and solve any question that has come from that area in the Mocks starting from Mock 1. Do the same with Verbal Ability. For LRDI, pick your first cluster.
Next five days to CAT
Continue diligently with the regime you have set on the first day. There may be one odd day when you will not be able to stick to your regime. Don’t let such puny things lower your morale. After all you’re human. Keep moving. You will also have at least one bow – day.
Last three days to CAT
Utilize the first two days of these last three days to revise all those areas which you could not as per your regime as it got spilled over. A million dollar question is – what if something is still left, don’t sweat over it, not even a single person who is going to write the exam has been able to cover the syllabus one hundred percent.
One day to CAT
Decide what you like to do most. Read a book. Watch a movie. Listen to music. Loiter with friends, but don’t discuss the exam. No practice, no revision, no questions. Give yourself a treat. Put together your tool-box, sharpen your instruments. Rest your lower back; have a warm, good meal, sleep early and enjoy the paper.

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