Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Best E-Book clearing all concepts of Arithmatic and Geometry (Quant Fundas for CAT)

Dear Pals,
I was having a problem with my computer. But now it is all right. So now I am back with all new tests and tips & tricks for you. So that in no manner you lack behind from you preparation plan. I hope that you all are enjoying mock tests as they will help to enhance your performance but only if you analyze them well and find out your weak areas and work on them.
CAT is not about solving all the questions but it is all about the accuracy. You solve 50 questions with 20 wrong, you will get 100 marks but you solve 25 questions but correct and you'll also get 100 marks. But the time taken by the person solving 50 questions and by the person solving 25 questions is different.
So I have got a best E-Book for you which will not clear your basic concepts of arithmetic and geometry but also provide you so many shortcuts and tricks to solve the questions quickly.
The link is given below:

The best EBook

If you like the book or not do inform me so that I can give you more accurate material for your preparation.
Thank You

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